Resist the Evil Mind Flayers in Neverwinter: Uprising


The long-running, Dungeons and Dragons-themed MMO, Neverwinter, has been basking in the success of what has been its biggest expansion launch ever. Earlier this year, players got to explore one of the most iconic locations in the Forgotten Realms: Undermountain. Besides the new area, the game got a tons of other quality of life updates and re-balances that has really changed the tempo of the game in a good way. Now, Arc Games expands on this framework with their next expansion: Uprising.


Uprising sheds light on a new playable race, the gith, and their complected relationship with the illithids. Gith were a subservient race to the mind flayers for decades, until they staged a sudden rebellion and took their freedom back by force. From there, the gith split into two splinter factions to deal with how to go forward. One wished to used the mind flayers' discoveries to wrest control over the Material Plane by force. The other receded into hiding in hopes to avoid a resurgent illithid presence. All three factions fight over mysterious knowledge in Undermountain, making their issues suddenly your issues.


This new expansion also brings new a new area in Stardock. The rebel gith looking to stop nefarious hands from getting powerful knowledge in Undermountain do so from this base on an asteroid that orbits Toril. Yes, this fantasy game has a space base. Besides frequenting this new base of operations to gain rewards and equipment for helping the gith, you can also participate in the new PvP Stardock Arena. If you want more co-op opportunities, a new 10-man trial will have Adventurers raiding the dungeon of the Mad Mage, Halaster Blackcloak. On top of all that, there will be a new Appearance System, and updates to the early game zones and stories. There's plenty of new shine to go around.


See the announcement trailer here:



Neverwinter: Uprising hits PC today (console at a later date). If you need help wandering the deep, come to the Official Neverwinter Wiki!



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