Meet the Nightmare Prince in Trine 4


The story trailer for Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince has released, giving players insight on what to expect from the beloved series. Trine is a physics-based platformer in which players use three individual characters to solve hazardous puzzles and defeat dangerous enemies to progress through gorgeously designed 2.5D levels. While playing alone, the player must switch between each of the three characters as needed; however, the Trine series supports up to three people in cooperative multiplayer--with each player controlling one of the three characters.



The story of Trine began when Sarek (known as the "Old King") became obsessed with three powerful artifacts that were created long ago. Sarek managed to gather two of the artifacts and brought them to an evil tower, but without the third artifact the power of the other two became twisted and corrupted Sarek into a skeletal wizard. He then sent his newly raised undead army to cause havoc throughout the kingdom, and the power of the third artifact known as the "Trine" would be the only thing that could bring balance back to the world.


Meanwhile, far away from the chaos on a moonlit night, fate would bring together three heroes to a hidden shrine where the Trine was hidden away. Zoya the thief, Amadeus the wizard, and Pontius the knight had their souls bound together as one by the Trine, and the only way their souls could be unbound would be to bring all three artifacts together. So, they journeyed forth to the evil tower, defeated Sarek, and helped bring peace back to the world.



Years later, the Trine would request the heroes help once again, and the three of them are taken to a mysterious wilderness that they've never seen or heard of before. After being ambushed by goblins, the heroes meet the crown princess Rosabel and decide to aid her in freeing her kingdom of the evil goblins. Throughout their journey, they learn that Rosabel imprisoned her sister Isabel with an irreversible sleep spell using an enchanted tree.


The three heroes confronted Rosabel, but she trapped them in the goblin dungeons; however, the heroes are able to quickly make their escape. They returned to Rosabel and managed to defeat both her and a pet dragon, but Rosabel fell into a magical lake in the aftermath, causing Isabel to immediately wake from the spell placed on her. Isabel bravely dove into the lake and saved her sister, despite everything she had done. The heroes are thanked for their actions and returned home and went their separate ways.



Naturally, the heroes come to the conclusion that having their lives commandeered by a powerful magical artifact is not a desirable state of existence on a permanent basis, so they attempt to break free of the Trine; however, the Trine shatters in the process and releases Sarek back into the world. The heroes set off on a quest to bring the shattered pieces of the Trine back together, and manage to get all but one before the story ends.

In the upcoming story installment, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince introduces us to Prince Selius who has vanished under mysterious circumstances, and the three heroes must come together once more to find the missing prince! 



Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince launches on October 8th. For more information on Trine 4, be sure to visit our official Wiki here.


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