The Earth is Not Enough: Deliver Us the Moon Again!

The only extraterrestrial body visited by humans personally continues to excite the imagination and for good reason: Not only is it the closest celestial body to our home, it also promises to be a rich source of Helium-3, a potential fuel for nuclear fusion reactors. Deliver Us the Moon, now available on Steam again in a complete, overhauled version, is set in a future where humanity colonized the Moon, exploited its helium bounty… Then everything went terribly, terribly wrong.


The Story

A mounting energy and resource crisis prompted humanity to unite, rather than fall apart into warring nation states bickering over the last remaining resources on Earth. The World Space Agency, founded by the leading global powers, spearheaded the colonization of the Moon. The aforementioned Helium-3, abundant on the Moon’s surface after billions of years of bombardment by solar winds with no atmosphere to interfere, solved the energy crisis seemingly permanently.


Until, that is, the colony went dark and deliveries were halted. You step into the shoes of an astronaut sent on a suicide mission to the Moon, to find out what happened and hopefully return the colony to full operation. Your mission will decide the fate of humanity, so, no pressure.



The Gameplay

While the premise might sound like the set-up for a survival and exploration game like ROKH, Deliver Us the Moon has more in common with SOMA and other adventure games. You aren’t supposed to build habitats or anxiously ponder your ever-depleting oxygen gauge, but focus on finding out what happened on the Moon and how it can be reversed. You are accompanied throughout your journey by a floating robotic companion named ASE, who will aid you in figuring out the mystery of the lunar colony.



But Wait, Wasn’t This Released Already?

Yes. Deliver Us the Moon originally launched in 2018, praised for its graphics and atmosphere, but criticized for its short main story, which ended on a cliffhanger. The developers have pulled the game from storefronts after receiving additional funding and support from a new publisher, Wired Productions, allowing them to complete the story and overhaul the game’s graphics. The new release will include the full campaign, upgraded graphics, and be provided free of charge to those who bought Deliver on its first release.


Those looking to explore the world of Deliver in depth should visit the Official Deliver Us the Moon Wiki – perfect for brushing up before diving into it once more!



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