The Official Rain World Wiki!

We'd like to congratulate our latest partner on successfully becoming backed on Kickstarter and Greenlit on Steam! The Official Rain World Wiki is up on Gamepedia, ready for the community to dive in! Rain World, starring you as an adorable slugcat, is set in a world torn apart by never ending rain that has shattered your surroundings. An abandoned industrial environment is the backdrop for this game, which is as full of horrors as it is adorable. You must be prey and predator to hunt down enough food before your next hibernation or risk becoming the food of something else.

While Rain World is currently being developed for Windows and Mac, it has surpassed its stretch goal of $50,000 to explore options of porting the game to Linux and consoles. Rain World is a platforming game with traditional animation as well as code, which allows for more nimble, physics based actions. Set in an open, sandbox world, you are in control of your choices, which also have real consequences. In addition to the narrative, you can also enjoy coop and competitive play with up to four players, including death matches, custom challenges and more! Did we mention adorable slugcats?

Want to help celebrate Rain World's success with both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight? Why not become an editor or contributor to the official wiki? Anyone can become one and all are encouraged to do so! For ideas on where to get started, see the Help Wiki, which includes community created tutorials. Want to chat with us? Gamepedia staff and community members can be found in our IRC channels -- come say hi!


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