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Almost two years ago, we tried to piece together what the heck Death Stranding was based on trailers and conversations Hideo Kojima was having with the press at the time. The end result of our efforts left us with more questions than answers. It's been so long since then and even though we've been exposed to way more information, we're still left scratching our heads.


The elevator pitch of Death Stranding is bizarre. After a disastrous calamity, people have taken to living in isolation. As the son of the last President of the United States, you're tasked with connecting the remaining citizens of the US by delivering packages to them. The courier job that you take on is rather challenging. You're traveling great distances with delicate items while trying to manage encumbrance and gnarly routes over treacherous gaps and up jagged mountains. You'll have to defend yourself from travelling bands of raiders looking to steal what you're precious cargo. And you'll definitely need to be wary of the BTs - extra-dimensional beings akin to ghosts that really don't like you. Oh, and there's all the timefall. You know, that rain that rapidly ages everything it touches.



Look, this game is hard to explain. But what's pretty easy to grasp is it epic star power cast in both leading and secondary roles. Film and TV stars Norman Reedus and Madds Mikkelson have starring roles alongside Léa Seydoux and Margret Qualley take some supporting roles. Famous directors like Guillermo Del Toro and Nicolas Winding Refn are recognizable faces, and even on-air personalities like Conan O'Brien have guest roles. Say what you will of Kojima's vision, but the man has a lot of famous friends.


Check out this trailer below for more confusion:



Death Stranding comes out today on PS4 (next year on Steam). If you need guidance on how to connect the country, come to the Official Death Stranding Wiki.



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