New Windborne Trailer and Steam Launch!

Today, Windborne becomes available through Steam Early Access for just $23.99 and a new trailer comes with it! We're beyond happy for our partners Hidden Path Entertainment! Not too long ago, we announced the Official Windborne Wiki here at Gamepedia and now we get to celebrate with them again! Windborne is a social sandbox game that allows players to explore, befriend Jin, craft, find hidden treasures, discover secrets, and unlock crafting recipes. It is set in a world of beautiful landscapes where you get to help build a new civilization. Check out the new trailer below, available exclusively on Gamepedia, and get an inside look at the game on our YouTube Channel.

Head on over to Steam and take advantage of special pricing for Windborne's Early Access! While you are enjoying all of the eye candy Windborne has to offer, keep in mind that the official wiki always has room for new contributors! Have a look at the Help Wiki for ideas on getting started.


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