Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the Perfect Way to Get Back into Street Fighter


It's hard to believe that Street Fighter V released only four years ago because it feels like it's been a keystone of the fighting game community for much, much longer. Part of that is the legacy of the Street Fighter series itself, and some of it is the various opportunities for drama that SFV has presented over the past few years. At any rate, we can probably all agree that competitive video games are made better when a Street Fighter game is alive and relevant.


Taking a cue from its own past, Capcom looks to revitalize the scene by releasing SFV: Champion Edition, which will collect most of the game's current content into one convenient package. By the numbers, that means 40 characters, 34 stages, and over 200 costumes across all previous seasons of Street Fighter V so far. For lapsed players and new challengers alike, Champion Edition looks like the perfect starting point. 



There are some notable features that returning Street Fighter V players may find attractive. All characters now have a second V-Trigger skill, adding more variation and options to fit a character into some new play styles. Also, two characters from series passed will make their debut: Gill from Street Fighter 3 and Seth from Street Fighter 4. Both former final bosses look to stake their claim in a Street Fighter world that has changed almost beyond recognition. 


Check out some hot street fighting action here:



Street Fighter V: Champion Edition hits PS4 and Steam today! If you need some guidance to become a true World Warrior, come to our Street Fighter V wiki!


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