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Recently launched through Steam Greenlight Early Access, Signs of Life is the space opera you can star in. Our newest partnership brings the Official Signs of Life Wiki to you! Signs of life combines several favorite genres into one exciting game: platforming, sci-fi, survival and sandbox. Content is both generated and created, and Signs of Life has a compelling crafting system that allows you to use what you harvest off of creatures, whether they be familiar, new alien forms...or chickens!

Set amidst an apocalyptic war, through a few turns of events, it is just you, your escape pod, AGIS the faulty intelligent life companion, a multifunctional wrist band, and the clothes on your back in unknown territory. You were once part of what was left of the human race, but now you are alone to discover life ("a bunch of weird alien creatures" and aforementioned chickens) where you find yourself. Did you just run into a friend or foe? The possibilities are endless in Signs of Life! On top of it all, Signs of Life has a good dose of humor in its immersive world.

Check out Signs of Life Early Access and know that the official wiki is the best place to find information for Signs of Life outside of the game! However, this does not mean that the wiki couldn't use more help. Every wiki at Gamepedia is made for and by the community, meaning, if you find outdated information, missing punctuation, or want to add new content to the wiki, feel free to jump in! We give you what you need to be successful. Tools like the Help Wiki will get you started!


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