The GDC Game of the Year Winners are Here!

The GCD Game Developers Choice Awards have been declared for this year! The GDC was originally planned to happen from March 16th through the 20th, but was officially postponed last month over COVID-19 concerns. This was confirmed to be the correct choice after San Francisco, the city where the GDC happens each year, issued a Shelter In Place order earlier this week.


This did not stop the GDC from proceeding with their awards, however, which were streamed in place of a physical awards ceremony. The big winner was House House/Panic for Untitled Goose Game, which took home Game of the Year. You can see the entire list of winners and nominees below, with the winners being shown in underline. The stream is also available for your viewing pleasure!


Game of the Year

Best Audio

Best Debut

  • ZA/UM
  • Mobius Digital
  • William Chyr Studio
  • Foam Sword Games
  • Chance Agency

Best Design

Innovation Award

Best Mobile Game

Best Narrative

Best Technology

Best Visual Art

Best VR/AR Game

What do you think about this years' winners? Let us known down in the comments below!


Chris "Zenkiki" Brosseau


Chris is a content creator on YouTube who covers all things gaming and nerdy! He plays a large variety of games, including competitive shooters and strategy games, but specializes in Role-Playing Games. Chris has been creating gaming content for over ten years and is an indie game developer in his spare time. He is also an avid tabletop gamer and has a +3 bonus to devouring cereal.




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