Wiki Spotlight: Banished

If you've checked out the Top-Sellers list on Steam lately, you have have noticed Banished sitting on the top for the past few days. This recently-released title from Shining Rock Software focuses on a group of families that have been banished from their home land and must fight to survive the wilderness by gathering resources and building anew. We here at Gamepedia have been having a great time planning out our new settlements and ensuring that all our citizens are fed, housed, and clothed. We've also been hard at work ensuring that the Banished Wiki is totally up to date with hundreds of pages of information to help you on your path through this game! Not convinced? Check out the gameplay trailer below!

There is also room for more contributors to the wiki! After you've gotten started with Banished, head over to the Banished Wiki and see how you can help out. From fixing a sentence with iffy grammar to adding in an entire new section, every wiki on Gamepedia is always in need of dedicated community members! See the Help Wiki for tutorials on getting started.




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