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Do you vote on Steam Greenlight? If so, you may have already voted for Skara: The Blade Remains, one of the newest games to be Greenlit on Steam and coming soon to your PC, next gen consoles, and mobile devices! Skara challenges old classifications, referring to itself as an 'MOV' or Multiplayer Online and Versus game and seeks to revolutionize all the mmo/rpg/fps varieties of game already in existence.

The goal is for the game to be a totally new experience by blending game modes and never before seen fps-style hand-to-hand combat into a compelling story that is at once exciting and artistic. Imagine an experience with the action of a Versus Fighting Game inside a story and land like RPG´s, all blended into a fast-paced FPS style arena.

  • Choose the style and direction of your attacks with the Combat System, your opponent must block or hit at the exact moment to avoid being impacted.
  • Every movement can be counter-attacked, choose the proper moment or become an instant kill with a bad choice.
  • Some attacks may be combined with different combos; learn additional special movements and techniques unique to each Race or Faction.
  • Each character is different in terms of relative strength, speed and movements, though all the characters will be managed in a similar way.
  • Grow in your Rank and attain Honor Points by fighting to unlock special features available only to the best of warriors.


Check out this awesome peek at some Alpha footage of Skara and you'll see why this game is sure to be a success. If you want to learn more about Skara: The Blade Remains, check out the Official Wiki here on Gamepedia. New contributors are always welcome to join in and add information so visit the Community Portal or our Help Wiki for more information getting started!





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