New Wiki Roundup!

Something awesome is always happening here at Gamepedia and we hate to see hard work from our fantastic community go unnoticed. We've had quite a few new wikis launch lately for upcoming games and we want to make sure that these get their share of the limelight. This edition of NWR comes with five new fantastic wikis for you to check out and contribute to!

Goat Simulator

As the title suggests, you play through the game from the perspective of a goat. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, it is highly recommended that you swing by the wiki to see what gameplay possibilities are out there, such as you, as a goat, hurling through the air. The latest feature added allows you to lick something, which sticks to your tongue, meaning you can run around the game with an axe flinging about your goat. Goat Simulator also features realistic physics and destructible objects.

Hand of Fate

Not your average trading card game, Hand of Fate combines cards and adventuring. The game takes place in a cabin at the end of the world where you play a game of cards to determine your fate. The twist with Hand of Fate is that is a card based roguelike, where the cards you collect deal out the dungeon floor in which you adventure. With tons of gear and encounters to unlock, and deck building mechanics that allow for your adventure to be customized, a successful Kickstarter campaign is no surprise!


A non-linear 3D shooter with RPG elements, Insula takes place on an island where there was an accident and now both humans and animals have mutated. Not only do you need to fight the locals, but people interested in what happened also need to be dealt with and they do not have you in their best interests. Insula features loads of quests to work through and multiple player modes!

Invisible, Inc

Available for Early Access Alpha, Invisible, Inc is working its way through alpha and is inviting early adopters to be a part of the development process. A turn based game of espionage, Invisible, Inc is about teams of agents pitted against each other to complete goals, such as hacking computers and breaking into safes, but most importantly, surviving and escaping to the next level!


Created by Starbreeze Studios, Storm is in pre-alpha and slated to be a first person shooter set in a science fiction backdrop. Starbreeze, who has given us games like The Darkness and the Syndicate revival, has not released much information about Storm yet, but it is speculated to be a dark and gritty game in the same flavor of their other releases. Keep an eye on the wiki for details to come!

Don't forget that each wiki at Gamepedia is made for and by the community! Wikis rely on community support and contribution, meaning, we would not be here without you and anyone is welcome to become wiki contributors. All wikis have a help page on the left hand navigation sidebar, which contains basic information to get you started. There is also the Help Wiki for more in-depth knowledge and tutorials. If you have questions you can't find the answer to, or if you just want to say hi to Gamepedia staff and fellow community members, /join #Gamepedia in IRC!


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