The Official StarCrawlers Wiki!

Newly Greenlit on Steam and extremely close to meeting, and possibly exceeding its Kickstarter campaign goals, StarCrawlers is currently in development. The fine folks at Juggernaut Games partnered with us to bring the Official StarCrawlers Wiki to Gamepedia! Lead a crew of Crawlers for hire in a procedurally generated world that reacts based on your missions and choices.

You and your crew have specific sets of talents: general mercenary work, asset..."recovery," espionage and your average shady dealings are among your greatest skills to offer those who will hire you. StarCrawlers offers a responsive world that reacts to what you do in the world. Each dungeon is drawn to tailor both the specific choices you have made, but also what mission you happen to be running at the time. Other customizations include upgradeable loot from randomly dropped tables and class abilities and modifications.

More choices for you to make include which reward tier from the StarCrawlers Kickstarter page is perfect for you and how you can contribute to the official wiki. Every wiki at Gamepedia, including the Official StarCrawlers Wiki is created for and by the community. The wikis here are only as awesome as they are thanks to the dedication of our amazing community. Have a look at the Help Wiki to get started!


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