Burn Baby Burn - Titanfall's Burn Cards Change the Game

Titanfall, the new first person shooter from Respawn Entertainment, exploded onto the scene in a ball of frenzied battles and intense speculation from the moment it was announced, with leaked footage and details garnering massive interest from both the hardcore FPS community and the average gamer. Titanfall is a game with a particular fanbase and skillset on tap, and due to the pedigree of its creators, it’s no surprise that the game itself is rife with battle perks, upgrades, and game changing weapon modifications.

Perhaps the most interesting of these is the wonderful new Burn Card system, a deck of cards that are earned through various achievements (a list of which can be found on our Official Titanfall Wiki). Though the card abilities themselves seem overpowered - calling a Titan in immediately, arming yourself with a rapid fire grenade launcher, running almost twice as fast as the other pilots - the cards are single use only, lasting from spawn to death, balancing their incredible benefits with a limited time of effectiveness.Smart use of the Burn Card you’ve chosen is integral to success on the battlefield - you can only choose three at the start of a match, and once they’re chosen, you’re stuck with that round until the next change.

Picking the right set though, and even more specifically the right card at the right time, can shift a battle in your favor. Coordinated use in the team can result in a situation where you are overpowered by various Titans metamorphosing into a situation where you now have two Pilots wielding automatic grenade launchers and a set of Titans dropping directly into the fray. The cards are a wonderful addition to be sure, and they have been intricately and meticulously balanced to make sure it doesn’t ruin the game flow. Titanfall is a game all about balance, and it shows through this system: a great, complicated, wonderful system that can change the battlefield, but only if it’s used correctly.

Titanfall is set to release on March 11th, so in the meantime, you should come check out our Official Titanfall Wiki! Make sure to check out the front page often as new information is released, and also be sure to peruse the official Gamepedia Youtube channel, where there's a wide breadth of content for Titanfall and other games in the Curse Gamepedia wiki family!




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