The Official Satellite Reign Wiki!

With barely 50 hours left on their Kickstarter campaign, Australian based 5 Lives Studios' Satellite Reign is successfully funded and unlocking stretch goals! If that isn't awesome enough, the official Satellite Reign Wiki is hosted here at Gamepedia! Don't let the game being funded keep you from becoming a backer, though. Even now, every extra backer helps 5 Lives drive towards stretch goal funding!

Available for OSX, Linux and Windows, Satellite Reign is a class based strategy game where players control four agents in a living cyber-punk world. Allowing for emergent gameplay, 5 Lives gives players the tools they need to create custom scenarios, often going above and beyond dev expectations! You play as the new mysterious organization, currently on the rise, bribing and fighting for your own power in this dystopian future.

Keeping stretch goals in mind, such as the Multiplayer Co-op Campaign, have a look at some of the tier rewards! Examples of their rewards include gaining alpha access with an additional in-game support team, to the digital copy of the game with exclusive forum access and wallpaper, to the Bobbylicious tier -- a "Bob" figurine, hoodie or polo shirt, exclusive agent and weapon skins, alpha access, t-shirt, your name in-game and in credits, downloadable soundtrack, and much more! Satellite Reign reward tiers offer not only something for everyone, but something for every budget as well!

Don't forget that one more way to contribute to Satellite Reign and the community is by adding content and editing the official wiki! If you're not sure how to become a contributor, the help page is full of tips on getting started!


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