Official H-Hour Wiki and Exclusive Video!

Not only do we get to announce the Official H-Hour: World's Elite Wiki, but that we also have exclusive map flythrough videos! This content can only be found at Gamepedia, so be sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel to know when the latest videos are available. H-Hour is developed by SOF Studios, who aim to bring military combat authenticity and expertise to the gaming world. We're excited about our new partnership and the exclusive content we can bring to the community! Please enjoy our very first map flythrough video:

A tactical, team-based hybrid first and third person shooter, H-Hour brings native group play support built into the game so players know they are playing a game that is dedicated to multiplayer functionality from the get go. H-Hour wants gamers to have fully supported guilds and clans, forming their own microcommunities within the larger community as a whole. Players are thrown into the thick of it and choices must be made, including armor and weapon types. Each possibility has its own plus and minus -- choose wisely! H-Hour offers players combat realism and scenarios based on real life events. While your character won't be able to take a headshot and stay in the bout, H-Hour will offer you tips to improve your strategies so next time you will stay in battle longer.

To learn more about H-Hour: World's Elite tactics, gameplay, weapons and armor, the official wiki is the leading resource for the community! In order for it to continue being the best possible resource, do know that everyone is welcome to become editors and contributors. If you would like to join in on the dedicated community who work hard to keep your favorite gaming wikis up to date, check out the Help Wiki for tutorials on getting started!


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