Gamepedia Partners With Double Fine!

Starting today, one of the biggest partnerships in Gamepedia history begins. We've teamed up with renowned studio Double Fine for official wikis for all of their games! Whether you're interested in the latest prototypes in their Humble Bundle or you're reliving Psychonauts, Gamepedia has the official wiki and the best possible community resource for your favorite Double Fine games. Through our partnerships, we have direct access to studios, which allow us to have better and accurate information. By constantly working on new and better tools, we empower the community to be exceptional editors and contributors.

If you've read Double Fine's FAQ, you already know how they got their name. If you haven't, you should definitely read that FAQ. It's not your typical FAQ, just like Double Fine isn't your typical gaming studio. Double Fine came about when founder Tim Schafer was searching for a name and inspiration hit him. Driving across the Golden Gate bridge into San Francisco was a sign warning travelers that they shouldn't speed, less they wish to be ticketed with a double fine. Schafer liked the idea that someone driving into Double Fine's office would see that sign, thinking these hotshots must be onto something – they already own the city! It's innovation and wit like this that gives us the greatest pleasure in announcing our exclusive partnership with Double Fine to bring not just one, or even some, but official wikis to ALL of their games! Double Fine not only has the notoriety of a successful and well-awarded gaming studio, but it is made by industry veterans who attract some of the brightest talent to be seen.

As most stories do, Double Fine's starts with a psychically gifted boy who breaks into a summer camp for other psychic children. Psychonauts, their first release, is still a much-loved game and has reached cult status within the gaming community for its dark humor and how fun it is to play. Their newest title, Broken Age is the latest success story from the same studio who has brought you Brutal Legend, Iron Brigade, and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. Other Double Fine games include Massive Chalice, Costume Quest, Stacking, Hack n Slash, Spacebase DF-9, The White Birch, Autonomous, and Black Lake.

Double Fine's latest title, Broken Age, is a tale of duality. There isn't one main character to focus on in this point and click adventure. Players can switch back and forth between the lives of Velouria, a young girl who chooses to fight back when her village has been chosen as the sacrifice to a terrible monster, and Shay, a boy isolated on a spaceship with a mothering computer who only wants to break free. Unfold their stories and help them both achieve their goals! Broken Age also features an all-star voice acting cast, such as Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Jennifer Hale and Wil Wheaton.

One thing that definitely sets Double Fine apart from your average game company is their ongoing Amnesia Fortnight project. Each year for two weeks, the company is split into small groups and these groups conceptualize and design a game, forgetting their current projects. Creating a game with a few years' time isn't the easiest task for teams to accomplish in the first place, so imagine when you only have two weeks! These projects become available to the community by way of Humble Bundle packages. Ideas are put up for vote by the community, which then get turned into prototypes and packaged up. Some of these prototypes even go on to become full games, such as Happy Song becoming Once Upon a Monster. Voting is currently happening right now! Head over to Double Fine's Humble Bundle page to learn more about the 29 ideas up for vote to be turned into prototypes and even full games!

Double Fine continues to impress the gaming community. We look forward to how our partnership with them can not only be mutually beneficial to both ourselves and the community, but how we can also help each other grow into something truly spectacular. The community is included! Help Gamepedia and Double Fine continue producing excellent player resources by becoming contributors and editors to these wikis. Want to lend a hand, but not sure where to start? The Help Wiki is the perfect place to learn how you can start editing!


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