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While building games are currently hotter than ever, most of them focus on building massive fortresses and static designs for the land plot you have staked claim to. From The Depths, however, allows you to make grand designs that are functional, battle ready machines for combat. We have teamed with Brilliant Skies for the Official From The Depths Wiki for all of your building, combat and weaponry needs! Enjoy adversarial multiplayer, co-op or single player modes with realistic construction and destruction physics - as your custom vehicles are being built or crumble from combat, their functionality becomes impacted! From The Depths has also recently become Greenlit on Steam by the community.

Currently in alpha, From The Depths takes place in randomly generated worlds full of monsters, constant danger and the thrilling promise of other players to test out your latest creations against! Create custom vehicles, take first person command of anything from airplane carriers to submarines to even hot air balloons, all which you build block by block to your specific designs. As you combat other players, you work towards new weapons and designs, repairs to your existing squadrons, eliminating other players' fleets and unlocking new equipment earned through multiplayer victories!

The Official From The Depths Wiki is your number one community resource for information on materials, weapons, monsters and so much more! To ensure it continues to be the best resource available, we encourage all members of the community to become contributors and editors! For anyone interested in joining in, the Help Wiki is a great place to learn how to get started. Remember that Gamepedia staff and fellow community members are also available in IRC - /join #Gamepedia and come say hi!


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