Wiki Spotlight: Magickapedia

For this week's spotlight, we're delighted to highlight Magickapedia and how much the dedicated community has created an enormous resource. With over 1,300 contributors, the Magicka wiki provides a wealth of knowledge from the first DLC, to tablet releases, to the latest, Magicka: Wizard Wars!

From Paradox North, Wizard Wars brings a MOBA-style 4v4 to the Magicka realm. True to the world of Midgård, players must use caution when battling it out in the arena! Not only must you keep an eye out for enemies, but friendly fire is just as deadly!



Are you prepared to be a mighty wizard, either out for adventure or hanging out in your castle with your hot dogs, cold drinks and collection of cheese? While the Magicka community is already incredibly supportive, we encourage anyone who wishes to join in to do so! Put on your wizard robe and see the help page on getting started as a contributor!


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