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We've teamed up with Gaddy Games for the Official Dig or Die Wiki at Gamepedia! Dig or Die, which is currently working on both a crowdfunding campaign at Ulule and becoming Greenlit on Steam, is a sci-fi sandbox game with realistic physics. As an employee of CRAFT & Co, an intergalactic tool company, you are working your way through the galaxy to sell your wears when you find yourself ship wrecked and stranded. Even though your ship crashes on a hostile planet, you luckily have supplies that you planned on selling so you can build defenses, mine rare ores and eventually build a ship to get you off the planet. Dig or Die allows for single player, co-op and multiplayer modes.








Each night, the local monsters plot massive attacks, which you need to survive by building defenses and smartly placing turrets. Each area becomes more dangerous than the last, which is where you need to fight through to obtain rare resources for the ship you must build in order to escape the planet. Team up with friends to explore the world or attack other fortresses! Have a look at backer reward tiers, which offer fun things like designing a monster or weapon for the game.

After you've found the perfect reward tier, don't forget that the official wiki always has room for new contributors, or that you can also help by voting for Dig or Die on Steam Greenlight. For anyone who wants to start contributing, have a look at the Help Wiki for not only tutorials for the basics, but advanced tips as well! Gamepedia staff and community members can also be found in our IRC channels.


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