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A new horror survival game from Atlus and Zombie Studios, Daylight is a procedurally generated game where no two levels are alike. We have partnered with them for the Official Daylight Wiki at Gamepedia! Daylight starts off with you waking up in an abandoned hospital, with no memories of how you got there and only your cell phone for illumination. Each new game you start is completely different from the last allowing for endless replayability. Your goal is to figure out how to escape the hospital, but first through exploration, you uncover the shady past of the institution you find yourself a prisoner of. Daylight is available for preorders through Steam.

Not only do you have to rely on your cell phone for a lighting source, but you also do not have access to any weapons. As you work on escaping, you learn more about the institution's past and its current hauntings. Many questions must be answered as you begin your journey. First and foremost, how in the world did you get here? What happened to this place? Don't forget, one play through isn't enough! Start a new game for completely new encounters! Whatever you do, keep one thing in mind: don't look back.

Lovers of the horror survival genre will find Daylight to be the perfect game for them and the procedurally generated settings mean that your enjoyment doesn't end after one play through. Know information about an encounter that isn't on the wiki? Anyone can become a contributor of Gamepedia wikis and the Official Daylight Wiki is no different! Check out the Help Wiki to see how you can lend a hand.


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