WildStar Preorder Beta and New French Wiki

We now have a dedicated French language WildStar Wiki at Gamepedia, just as preorder beta weekends begin! This weekend was a flood of excitement as WildStar's preorder beta had its first participating weekend. If you haven't preordered yet, don't worry -- you still have time to get your your order in so you can participate in the fun! For a calendar of events, as well as a general FAQ regarding level caps and to find the answers to other most asked questions, see this post on their official forums. In order to entice participation, Carbine Studios are offering incentives for logging in each day that the servers are open for preorder beta! To learn more about mystery boxes, how to earn them and possible items you could find inside, please see this post.

It's pretty awesome that Carbine is rewarding players with some potentially fantastic items for simply lending a hand and beta testing a game they're already interested in. When the servers are offline and you can't log in to find bugs and earn a mystery box filled with some sweet goods, you're likely thinking about WildStar like the rest of us. Why not lend a hand with the WildStar Wiki? New contributors and editors are always welcome! We have some fantastic tools, such as the Help Wiki, to get you started on becoming a successful contributor. Anytime you want to chat with Gamepedia staff and fellow community members, we can be found in our IRC channels. For the latest WildStar news, WildStar Forums are the perfect place to keep on top of things! Also, don't forget that Curse is also the official support platform for Wildstar AddOns, check up on what's new over at Curseforge!


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