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While we have a lot of announcements for official wikis that come out often, but we also have wikis for some terrific games that do not deserve to go unnoticed. Like all wikis at Gamepedia, these are created for and by the community. It is our pleasure to acknowledge the hard work Gamepedia community members have put into these wikis! We have five great new wikis to check out.

The Dyscourse Wiki. Dyscourse is a psychological survival game that is a bit like the Walking Dead meets Oregon Trail, but with super adorable graphics with an Owlchemy style. Each time you play play Dyscourse, you have the opportunity to encounter new scenarios allowing for fresh replayability time after time. Dynamic and expansive story branching is a core part of what makes Dyscourse.

The Firewatch Wiki. Armed with only a hand held radio and trapped in the Wyoming wilderness, you play as Henry, a man who has given up his messy life to become a fire lookout in complete isolation, except for the person on the other end of your hand held. Firewatch is created by Campo Santo, a new studio made up of talent from well-known names and studios throughout the industry. Firewatch gives players a lesson in both the mysterious and in human relations.

The Loadout Wiki. Available through Steam, Loadout is a first person shooter game with fast-paced, frenetic action with weaponcrafting, stylized art and comedic action. In addition to weaponcrafting, Loadout also allows for character progression through Blutes. Blutes are like points that you earn, which you can spend to unlock new gear. Loadout launched January 31, 2014.

The Planets Cube Wiki. Planets Cube is a first person voxel based role playing game that combines the love of builders with adventuring games. Mysterious rumors of aliens crash landing on the planet who look like humans paint the backdrop for the story in Planets Cube. If they exist, why did they crash and did they survive? Unlock the answers to these questions and so much more as you play through. Not only do you have a main story to work through, but as you progress, you will encounter smaller stories throughout the game.

The Renowned Explorers Wiki. A turn based tactical strategy game, in Renowned Explorers you and your crew set out to explore the blank spots on 18th century maps. While you and your crew sail the high seas in search of filling out these blanks, you also have one larger mission to complete: to float to the top of the cream of the crop in not only Victorian culture, but to be the top act at the World Expo. What treasures will you bring back?

 We hope you enjoy the newest additions to the Gamepedia family of wikis as much as we do! For anyone who is interested in contributing or becoming an editor, we fully support you and have tools to make you as successful as possible. To get started, have a look at the Help Wiki for ideas on how you can be a fantastic contributor!


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