Wiki Spotlight: DayZ


With over 2,000 pages, the DayZ Wiki is full of information for not only the DayZ ARMA II mod, but for the standalone as well! What started out as a mod a few years back became such a successful realistic survival game that a standalone is now in beta.



DayZ pits survivors against zombies in one of the most realistic survival games out there. Is that blood from your character? Better make sure to patch yourself up or you could end up unconscious and bleeding out! Band together with other survivors, scavenge for food and search for vehicles to repair, all the while fighting back zombie hordes! Once nightfall comes, you and your friends hopefully have a good place to hide until daybreak.

Thanks to such an amazing and dedicated community, the DayZ Wiki is a great resource for both new and veteran survivors alike! Want to join in on helping it continue to be such a wonderful tool? Check out the help page on how to get started!


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