Announcing #FreebieFridays on Gamepedia Twitter!

Greetings Gamepedia fans! Today we have some exciting news to share about a new weekly giveaway called #FreebieFridays! While Gamepedia gives away keys for many of your favorite games on Twitter already, many of you have asked if we could give away even more keys to even more games. Well, we've listened to your cries and are proud to announce that each Friday we will be blasting key giveaways throughout the day. Each key will have one or more missing letters/numbers that you will have to guess to grab the game before someone else does! We're also working to develop new ways to distribute keys, so stay on your toes!

So, starting this Friday April 11th, be sure to follow @CurseGamepedia and check our feed regularly for a chance to win! Some of the great games we'll be giving away this week include:

Thanks to all of our Official Partners who have kindly provided keys so that we could bring you this great giveaway opportunity! Please help us spread the word so that all of your friends have a chance to win too!

In the meantime, don't forget to check out all of our awesome Wiki offerings!  See a wiki that's missing important information? Please feel free to jump in and edit! If you need any help, check out our Help Wiki, come visit us in IRC, or just e-mail and we'll be here to help you get going!



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