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Every now and again, a game dares to bring its genre back to the roots while offering a unique take on it as well. That is what The Repopulation has done for the MMORPG genre and we are proud to say that the official wiki is at Gamepedia!

At a glance, The Repopulation offers so much to a variety of players:

  • Inquiry System - gain important information from NPCs regarding people and places through chat bubble dialogs.
  • Siege System - The Repopulation not only allows players to create their own cities, but other players to take them over as well!
  • Fully developed PvE and PvP systems, complete with objectives, three factions, rogue nations, town building and more.
  • The Repopulation is a true sandbox that allows players to choose their path in the world rather than have one handed to them, and offers a great amount of content for every playstyle!


This science fiction MMORPG is set in the world of Rhyldan where humans fight for survival after colonization efforts have gone awry. Including a path of non-combat objectives, players can band together to leave their mark on the planet, as well as team up to fight planet's creatures or even each other! If you're interested in learning more about The Repopulation, be sure to sign up for Alpha testing and become an Early Adopter!

When you're not fighting for survival in Rhyldan, be sure to check out the official wiki for The Repopulation! Found a great new gun that's not on the wiki yet, or maybe a sentence that just needs some help? Becoming a contributor and joining the community is easy! To get started, have a look at the help page for tips on contributing and editing.


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