Have a Look at a New Community Site for The Mandate!

Back in February, we announced our partnership Perihelion Interactive for The Mandate's Official Wiki and now we have even more exciting news for The Mandate! Not only has The Mandate had a completely new site redesign, but a new faction is unveiled today! The Osmani, a deadly group of cyborgs who rose from the ashes of their failed colony by pairing with their servant machines for survival. The new faction is based loosely on the Ottoman Empire, but with a healthy dose of artistic license to bring a whole new brand of people to players.

A few twists to expect from the Osmani include powerful Sultanas in rule with multiple husbands, who partner with pirates and have access to great technology. Beyond human, the Osmani haven't just replaced any parts of their bodies that were failing, but they've pushed themselves to become more than the dying human race they once were. The Osmani, discovered later by The Mandate, came to be treated as second class citizens, with no Osmani captaining fleets or part of The Mandate bureaucracy. They turned to the fringe, befriending pirates and smugglers, working not just with, but also around The Mandate.

Don't forget that you can keep up on news and updates directly at The Mandate's Official Wiki and to see how gorgeous their new community site redesign is! For anyone who wants to ensure that the official wiki stays the most up to date community resource, take a look at the Help Wiki to see how you can get started on contributing.


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