Interplanetary Enters Early Access!

We're excited to help celebrate our partners at Team Jolly Roger with Interplanetary's Early Access release on Steam! Starting today, you can purchase Interplanetary and participate in the game's development by playing it early, giving feedback and watching it as it continues through its development stages through release. Earlier when we announced the Official Planetary Wiki, we noted that Team Jolly Roger themselves like to hand out keys. Since they're launching Early Access on the day we do #FreebieFridays on Twitter, we're celebrating with Interplanetary keys! Not sure how to participate? Follow @CurseGamepedia on Twitter and see this post for more details. If that's not enough excitement for you yet, have a look at this brand spankin' new Interplanetary Early Access Trailer:

Are you ready to be involved in Interplanetary as it continues through its development stages? This turn based strategy game is now available for Steam Early Access for Mac OSX, Linux and Windows. Develop your home planet, wage wars against other players and spy on your enemies! When you're taking a break from guiding your citizens into becoming efficient wielders of futuristic technologies, don't forget that the Official Interplanetary Wiki always has room for more editors and contributors! See the Help Wiki for information on getting started.


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