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Double Fine Productions, a studio we recently partnered with for all of their official wikis, is now announcing the first games to wear their "Double Fine Presents" badge of honor, one of them which is Last Life. Through multiple partnerships, we are happy to say that the Official Last Life Wiki is now here at Gamepedia! Last Life is currently at the tail end of what will be a successful Kickstarter campaign. Don't hesitate! Head on over to Kickstarter and pledge while there is still time, which will help Last Life achieve stretch goals.

Last Life is a game where your own murder is the setting for your adventure. A sci-fi noir set on Mars, you play as a private investigator in a transhumanist colony who ends up 3-D printed back into life. Doing as PIs do, you work your last case: your own death. Throughout Last Life, you explore the streets of MarsTopia, where you have the chance to break robots, drink DNA enhanced brews, uncover corrupted AI, and deal with shady characters, all the while working to solve the case of who killed you. There is always the possibility that you also uncover what happened to the Earth, bringing about its demise, which lead to you losing everything and ending up on a colony in Mars in the first place.

Want to solve the greatest mystery of your life by solving your death? Find the perfect reward tier for you at Last Life's Kickstarter page! When you're done and waiting for Episode 1 of Last Life, see how you can help over at the Official Last Life Wiki through contributing new content and editing existing content. Want to help out, but aren't sure where to start? Have a look at the Help Wiki for ideas on what you can do!


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