Minimum Guest Key Giveaway!

Minimum is an upcoming free-to-play third person shooter with RPG elements. Produced by Atari and developed by Human Head, Minimum promises fast-paced and competitive online play with elaborate crafting elements and objective based combat. To help spread the word about this new and exciting title, we’ve teamed up with Atari to bring you a weekend of free play with our Minimum Guest Key Giveaway! Generating your key will allow you to play Minimum for absolutely free for the next few days. To claim your weekend guest key click here!

This weekends free play will feature Minimum’s main game mode, Titan. The objective of Titan is to work with teammates to secure resources from around the map. Use these resources to power-up your Titan construct and crush the defenses of the enemy team! With numerous different ambient enemies and diverse weaponry, any playstyle is viable. From sniper rifles to dual katanas, Minimum is sure to be an all-out brawl for dominance.

Two Titans getting ready to brawl it out:

For all of your Minimum informational needs be sure to drop by the Official Wiki to get a leg up on the competition this weekend. If you find yourself enjoying the game, and you'd like to be one of the first to contribute to the Official Wiki! For those interested in contributing, but aren't quite sure how to start, the Help Wiki is a great place to start. To stay updated on Gamepedia content and our many other contests and giveaways be sure to follow us @CurseGamepedia, and like us on Facebook!

Please note that this key is NOT for unlocking the full game, it will let you download the game and play until Sunday 05/04/2014 at 11:59 PM.



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