New Wiki Roundup

As promised, we have two New Wiki Roundups this week, because we've had so many new wikis sprout up that cramming them all into one roundup would do no one justice. For our second installment, we're here to tell you about Bear Simulator, Citybound, Cosmochoria, Ether One, and Wander! Remember that these wikis, as well as all other wikis at Gamepedia, are created for and by the community. For anyone who wishes to lend a hand through contributing and editing, take a look at the Help Wiki for ideas on how you can get started.

Bear Simulator Wiki

Play as a bear and do bear things! What exactly is bear stuff, you ask? Oh, you know, eat stuff, fish stuff, sleep stuff...bear stuff. Developer Farjay is taking it upon themselves to even out the playing field and close the disparity gap as far as being able to play as a bear is concerned. Too many games force you to be a human, instead of playing as a bear. To quote their recently successful Kickstarter, "It's quite clear the fat cats in Washington with their stove top hats and contemporary jazz music don't want us playing as bears, it's about time to fight back against the tyranny." Go ahead. Be the most majestic of beasts. Be a bear.

Citybound Wiki

Citybound is a sim where you build and manage a city. Citybound supports mutliple systems, including everything from a rural town to a sprawling metropolis. Built on web standards, Citybound has created a game that is future-proof, cross-platform and open to modding. While Citybound is currently in early development, its developer hopes to have a playable alpha available in June of this year. Keep an eye on the wiki for updates!

Cosmochoria Wiki

A multiplatform arcade game, Cosmochoria gives nods to classic games while adding in value for exploration, all with cute, stylized art! You start off as a naked cosmonaut armed with only a jetpack and a blaster. Encountering an old hermit, you begin to learn about the galaxy you find yourself in. Unlike the classic games Cosmochoria is based on, you are given plenty of choices within the game. Get out and explore your universe to unlock more secrets or find one planet to call home and build a base upon. Which path do you choose?

Ether One Wiki

A first person adventure exploration game with optional puzzles, Ether One is built on a compelling story that deals with memory and human frailty. Rather than a player versus monster kind of game, Ether One is based on how the player interacts with multiple narrators throughout the game. Puzzles can help you solve the mystery of patients within the town of Pinwheel, who all have various levels of degrading memory. Some people will be easy to help while others will pose a challenge.

Wander Wiki

Wander is an MMO that, instead of being based on combat and competitive play, focuses on collaborative exploration and beauty. You begin as a tree, exploring your rainforest, discovering rare flowers that give you powers and opera singers to enchant you. There are a total of five creatures, including the tree, that you can find and morph into: tree, human, griffon, a sea creature and a Tasmanian tiger. Built on the CRYENGINE and utilizing one server for all players, Wander will have a new alpha out by the end of this month.


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