Announcing Curse Profiles, Wikipoints, Levels, and more!

Greetings Gamepedia fans, today we are announcing the release of a whole set of new features for Gamepedia! These features will be implemented tomorrow, Thursday May 8th. The biggest of these features is a new extension called Curse Profiles that will not only introduce an entirely new way to connect with other wiki readers and contributors, but will also include a new system allowing you to gain points and levels with each edit! So, I'm here to show you the basics of these new features, so continue reading to see what's new, but here's a quick summary:

  • New Profile Page Replacing User Pages
  • Favorite Wiki Display, Wikipoints, and Levels
  • Personal Stats and a New Friend System
  • Simple Comment System on New Profiles
  • Most Preferences Now Applied Globally

Click "Read more" to see all the details!

 Profile Area

Curse Profiles replaces the existing system of userpages. Don't worry! You can still access your wiki-style userpage using the "User Wiki" button at the top of the page, so you can transfer your old userpage to the new system if you want! On the new page, you'll notice that it features a user avatar, a list of your assigned wiki roles, links to any social profiles you'd like to share (not pictured: PSN and G+), as well as having an area you can edit to say whatever you want about yourself! All of these settings can be accessed on your Preferences page, accessible using the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of every Gamepedia page. You'll also notice that your recent wiki contributions are also displayed, along with a link to your full contributions page.

Favorite Wiki, Points, and Levels

In the upper-right area of your Curse Profile, there is a space to proudly display your favorite wiki, along with information about how many Gamepedia Points you've earned and your corresponding level. Wikipoints are earned by making edits to the wikis, with credit given both for the size of your edit as well as how actively that particular page is being edited. So, if you want to maximize your points, work on areas of the wiki that haven't been seeing as much love or on creating new pages! However, only constructive edits will earn points, so if your edits are deleted or reverted, they won't earn you any points. There are 100 Gamepedia levels that are each granted at a different amount of earned points, so the more points you earn, the higher your level will go! (Note: Points shown in image below are just an example, more than 11,000 points are needed for level 100!) So keep focusing on making productive contributions and you'll see your points soar in no time! Interested to see how you rank up against other people on the wiki? Check out the next section below!

Statistics and Friends

Below the "Favorite Wiki," Points, and Levels, you will find a handy box with some basic statistics about your contributions on Gamepedia. In addition, you can also see where you rank on the Gamepedia leaderboard, as well as viewing a list of your friends on the wiki. The friends system works much like on most other websites. If you visit a friend's profile (or use the "Manage Friends" option), you can send a request to that person asking them to confirm your friendship. Once they do, you will be displayed in their list of friends and vice-versa.

Comment System

Another major change with the new profiles is the integration of a new comment-style system for communicating with other users on their pages. This system allows you to leave comments for one another and to reply directly to those comments! Both templates and Wiki Markup can be used in these comments. Comments are automatically archived after 30 days and stored on a separate discussion archive page. Comments can also be hidden by the owner of a page, but cannot be deleted and will always be visible to administrators.

Global Preferences and How to Set Them

As noted above, all of the options for your profile including the content or "About Me" section can be found in your preferences on the first tab, labeled "User Profile." This will allow you to fill in all the various information that can be contained in your profile. It is here you also have the option to disable the enhanced user page in favor of a traditional wiki-style page. We of course encourage everyone to give the new profiles a try, but we remain committed to never forcing our users to use any new features they do not wish to. 

An important note about preferences with the implementation is that, with a few exceptions, all preference settings are now applied globally to all Gamepedia wikis. That is to say that in the past if you wanted to change a particular setting in your preferences, it would have to be applied to each individual wiki. With this new system, any time you click "save" on your preferences page, those preferences will be pushed out to all Gamepedia sites.


We hope that everyone enjoys all these great new features! Have any questions that we didn't answer? Leave them in the comments below and we'll do our best to answer them ASAP!



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