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Gamepedia has teamed up with Balcony Team to bring you The Official Balrum Wiki! Balrum, which has fourteen days left on its Kickstarter campaign, is a single-player RPG where it matters how players interact with their worlds, which affects the outcome of the game.



Balrum features over a hundred spells, combat options, house building (or, after chapter one, choosing to live a nomad-like lifestyle of the adventurer), extensive crafting, unique AI for each NPC, boss fights, dungeons, turned based combat, a realtime living world, hunting, farming, and quests told through a five-chapter rich lore experience! The development team is especially proud of their AI engine that gives life to every NPC within Balrum's world.

Starting at twenty dollars, backers can have access to a digital download of Balrum, available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. Want your name in the credits? You can have that along with your game copy for $40! $50 will also get your name inscribed on an object within the world. For those who want a larger part within the development of Balrum, there are reward tiers for designing a monster, a quest or even a dungeon with Balcony Team's developers!

One other way you can help Balrum is by becoming a contributor to the official wiki! Every wiki at Gamepedia is for and by the community, meaning we rely on the help of anyone who wishes to contribute and edit wikis. Please see the help page to learn how to get started!


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