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We've teamed up with Arkavi Studios for the Official Lords of the Black Sun Wiki at Gamepedia! Lords of the Black Sun is now available for Steam Early Access and is a deep space 4X strategy game. Lords of the Black Sun also comes with a healthy dose of management, as you are responsible for your empire. In addition, your goals are colonizing new worlds and conquering all who dare oppose you! The race you command is striving to be the premier and controlling race in the galaxy.

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With eight races to choose from, Lords of the Black Sun comes with a huge replayability factor, as each race has its own story and outcomes. Through plotting and playing politics, you wage war from multiple sides, including diplomacy. How will you take down your foes? Another way that Lords of the Black Sun is custom tailored to your choices is that you can create your empire as you choose. Will you be a dictator, rule a dystopia or raise a utopia for your subjects? Your universe is randomly generated, your AI human-like with its choices and your game responsive to your decisions.

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