Minimum Goes Early Access!

Remember that one time we had guest keys for Minimum to give away? We have more exciting news! Starting today, Minimum is available for Steam Early Access. Did you know that becoming involved in a game during early access means you get to watch it unfold as it develops and get engaged with the development team? We're very happy for our partners, Atari and Human Head, for their collaboration for the Official Minimum Wiki and for hitting the early access milestone!

In Minimum, several genres are rolled into one. You have creeps to gather up for powering your titan or to slay, which will net you resources and other basic goods. Crafting is available in two different modes, in-match and out-of-match, to offer a variety of gameplay. Lastly, Minimum is a competitive third person shooter with RPG and MOBA elements, making the replayability factor and enjoyment endless! Minimum currently has one main game mode, Titan, which is divided into two parts. It's a balance of creep farming and escorting your team's titan to victory. In the future, you can look forward to two more additional modes: Ranked Mode and Deathmatch Mode!

For anyone who wants a more active role, there are two ways you can get involved with Minimum. One way is to help Minimum's development by purchasing the game for early access. Another way is by contributing to the official wiki by adding information as it's available and updating existing information. Not sure how to get started? Our Help Wiki is full of tools and resources just for that!


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