Check Out Cult of the Wind's Official Wiki and Early Access Release!

Ever wanted to be an imaginary airplane, get into human dogfights and make weird noises? Thanks to Cult of the Wind, which is now available through Steam Early Access, you can have all of that and more! You can file this under even more exciting: the Official Cult of the Wind Wiki is now at Gamepedia as well! We're excited to work with North of Earth, and join their cult of people who just want to be airplanes and enjoy high-speed mock combat. Cult of the Wind is available for cross-platform multiplayer on Windows and Mac OSX.

Not only does Cult of the Wind have awesome human dogfights and weird noises, but there is also an intuitive, point and click level editor for you to edit currently existing levels or create new ones from scratch! You can even share your creations with others. For all of your human dogfights, rest assured knowing that there are dozens of imaginary weapons and abilities just waiting for you to check them out. We look forward to proclaiming that our opponents did not best us in a human dogfight because our imaginary shields were up. Neener neener!

Now that you, too, want to be an imaginary airplane, head on over to Steam to pick up a copy of Cult of the Wind! Through playing Cult of the Wind in Early Access, you have a chance to get involved during the development process and watch the game unfold! And, uh, have access to weird noises way before other people. Don't you want to make airplane noises with your mouth while in the middle of a human dogfight? You know you do. When you're not arguing over whether your imaginary airplane can have imaginary cannonballs, head over to the Official Cult of the Wind Wiki and see what information needs to get added in. Need help contributing? Check out the Help Wiki to see how you can get started!


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