The Official Wander Wiki!

The last time we wrote about Wander was to announce a batch of new wikis for the site. Now, we get to reveal that the Wander Wiki is now the Official Wiki for Wander at Gamepedia! Wander is currently in beta and will be available for PS4 and PC. For PC, Wander can be obtained through Steam. In Wander's latest news, besides Steam availability, they have shown off their new firefly system, updated player models, and they are working on voice chat now. Recently, they were awarded funding from Screen Australia! Wander has received a ton of updates since we last wrote about them and it is exciting to see so much unfold in such short time.

Wander is an MMO unlike others currently available. Instead of relying on combat to level up, get gold and buy stuff, Wander focuses on collaborative exploration and beauty. Your journey begins as a tree in the forest. Through play, you collect up to five forms to morph into: tree, human, griffon, a sea creature and a Tasmanian tiger. Through your exploration, you'll find rare flowers to collect, rocks to talk to and opera singers to enchant you! Wander rewards the beauty of its world.

For those who prefer to pre-order Wander, you may do so directly through their site. In the meantime, keep an eye on updates and watch the game unfold. The Official Wander Wiki is a great place to stay on top of news. As new information becomes available, the official wiki will need community editors to lend a hand keeping it up to date. Not sure where to start? Have a look at the Help Wiki for ideas!


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