Watch Dogs Has Launched!

Ubisoft's highly anticipated title, which was announced at last year's E-3, launches today for a wide range of platforms. Set in Chicago, Watch Dogs is a first person action adventure game where you star as Aiden Pearce, talented hacker and former thug. You're out on a mission to right wrongs suffered to your family and the city is your weapon. Hacking into the Central Operating System (ctOS), you'll have access to all of the information that flows through an alternative version Chicago, where technology has linked all of the city into one massive digital playground. Did you know that one of the hottest wikis at Gamepedia currently is the Watch Dogs Wiki?

The Watch Dogs Wiki is one of the most comprehensive community driven sources for all things Watch Dogs. Like Aiden Pearce, you have easy access to everything you need to hack ctOS and take down the criminals who you are seeking revenge on. Whether you need information on a character, location or weapon, the Watch Dogs Wiki has what you are looking for! However, should you find something in game that isn't on the wiki, it is super easy to add in missing information.

To get started, log in with your Curse account. If you're adding in extra information to an existing page, click on the Edit tab to add in what's new. Adding an entirely new page? The Watch Dogs Wiki front page has this feature built in! For additional information about editing, have a look at the Help Wiki, especially our new Help Wiki Highlights series, to learn more.


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