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Ever wanted to experience pre-civilization times and run wild with dinosaurs? The Stomping Land offers just that, and with the Official Stomping Land Wiki at Gamepedia, you can always stay one step ahead of your massive reptilian foes! Currently one of the most popular games on Steam, The Stomping Land is available for Early Access, where you can be involved with the game during its development process! In addition, The Stomping Land is a survival game at its finest -- you against dinosaur and even other players. The Stomping Land is available for Windows in single player, co-op and multiplayer modes. Did we mention dinosaurs?

You've not fully imagined what it's like to live with dinosaurs until you need to survive off of them. Smaller dinos drop a light meat that is tasty, but not very sustaining. For that, you need to obtain heavy meat from the larger dinos, which you cannot kill on your own. It's up to you to rely on your tracking skills to follow larger dinos and carefully watch them as they engage with other dinos in deadly battle so you can survive from the loser. Beware, though, as other hunters could very possibly be tracking the very same dinos you are and now the two of you must battle to see who has access to this precious heavy meat! Fans of both survival and exploration games will love this thrilling crossover with beautiful, realistic visuals.
Another thing to love is how much information you have access to with the Official Stomping Land Wiki. Since the game is in Early Access, expect new or updated information to be available often. If you found something in game that's not in the official wiki, know that you're absolutely welcome to add in that information. All wikis on Gamepedia are for and by the community, which means that they're only as awesome as community members like yourself make them out to be. To find out more on how you can contribute, see the Help Wiki for ideas on getting started!


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