We're Celebrating Nether Exiting Early Access with Another Key Giveaway!

To help our partners at Nether Productions celebrate the full release of their game, Nether, we have 3-day weekend passes to giveaway! If you already own Nether through Steam, you get something special, too! Nether productions is giving out potions that grant players to play as a Nether, as well as golden chest keys that will open rare loot boxes you can find out in the world. To see what awesome loot you can find in game, check out the Official Nether Wiki for all of your information inquiries! Information regarding the key giveaway may be found here. Spoiler alert: all you have to do to enter is log in with your Curse account before heading over to the giveaway page.


Nether is a survival shooter set in a landscape that's based on a post-apocalyptic Chicago, with a ravaged landscape and sinking wastelands surrounding it. Nether offers both PVP and PVE play, as well as world objectives for players to fight towards. The world itself spans several massive city blocks, with access to most buildings, including skyscrapers. Fighting against Nethers, monsters with both demonic and human qualities, you and other survivors navigate through an unforgiving world where danger lurks around every corner!

First, head to the giveaway page to get yourself a Nether weekend pass. Once you're hooked, know that the game is available through Steam. Lastly, while the Official Nether Wiki is the leading community driven resource out there for Nether, it's only as awesome as the community makes it. Everyone is encouraged to lend a hand, so if you see something missing, feel free to add it in! To learn more about contributing, have a look at the Help Wiki. Congratulations, Nether!


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