New Monster Teaser Trailer for Evolve at E3 2014

At today's Microsoft Press Conference for E3 2014, a new monster for Evolve was unleashed on the public! If you haven't already been overwhelmingly excited about Evolve from the fact that it's created by Turtle Rock Studios of Left 4 Dead fame, then this trailer should definitely do the trick. How creepy is that thing? Which side do you choose -- survivor or monster? If you haven't had a look at it yet, check out the trailer below:

For the latest news and information regarding Evolve, the Evolve Wiki at Gamepedia has everything you need! You can also lend a hand by becoming a contributor. For more information on what all you can do, the Help Wiki is the perfect place. For all E3 2014 news, Gamepedia also has an E3 Wiki, which we introduced in our heading to E3 announcement. We look forward to discussing E3 2014 news this week! Let us know what games you are excited to see!


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