New Wiki Round-up, E3 2014 Day 1

Hey everyone! It's officially day one of E3 2014. While we expect to be far less announcements, and therefore new wikis today, we are still here and ready to go as soon as new games are announced. Today opened with Nintendo's press conference and then a couple of hours later, the doors opened to the show room and the official beginning of E3 2014! So far for today, we have Dreadnought, Fantasy Life, and Splatoon.

Dreadnought Wiki - Dreadnought is a futuristic game based on multiplayer aerial combat where you are the captain of an armada of airships. Part of the strategy involves choosing the right class of ships for your armada, all of which are highly customizable. Currently, there is not a lot else known about Dreadnought, but it will be available for PC and is expected to start beta testing next year.

Fantasy Life Wiki - Fantasy Life is a sandbox exploration and building game that will be available for the Nintendo 3DS later this year. In addition to building a home, players can take up jobs, fight alongside other players, take on missions and enjoy unfolding the game's story.

Splatoon Wiki - Splatoon is Nintendo's new 4v4 third person arena shooter for the Wii U. Rather than shooting other players, armed with the Super Soaker version of paint guns, your win by coating more than half the map in your team's paint color. Cutest arena shooter ever.

What's your favorite game announced so far? Have you already dove into editing any of the new wikis? If you get stuck or need some tips, the Help Wiki is the perfect place for any issues you might have while editing! You're also welcome to drop buy our IRC channels and say hello! See you tomorrow with even more new wikis!


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