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We've partnered with studio Frogdice once again, this time for the Official Dungeon of Elements Wiki! Dungeon of Elements is an RPG dungeon crawler with combat based on classic puzzle games. Not only does Dungeon of Elements borrow from classic games we all love, but it blends styles of play to bring a fun and immersive experience for casual and hardcore players alike! Dungeon of Elements is available for purchase either directly through their site or through Steam, for Mac, Windows or Linux.

In Dungeon of Elements, players will be able to explore 56 different types of enemies and 12 unique bosses in 45 dungeons across 3 separate continents. Dungeon of Elements offers crafting of legendary armor and weapons, with recipes that can be discovered through experimentation. There are scrolls within the game to find and collect that will allow you to build up your beastiary and better understand your foes. You'll also encounter pets to befriend, achievements to unlock, options for character customization, and a storyline that branches to give you options, meaning you choose how you want to carve your own path within Dungeon of Elements!

To learn more about what waits for you in Dungeon of Elements, the official wiki is the number one community driven resource available for you! See something that's missing in the wiki? Know that you are always welcome to lend a hand as a contributor. To learn more about how you can become the next awesome wiki editor for the community, have a look at the Help Wiki.


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