Broken Age Act 1 Now Available for iPad!

Our partners at Double Fine Productions have ported their latest title, Broken Age, to the iPad. You can find the Official Broken Age Wiki on Gamepedia and Broken Age for iPad is available through the iTunes App Store. Broken Age for iPad has beautiful, high resolution graphics, as well as fancy touch controls that were recently added into the desktop version. Players can also switch between desktop and iPad, conveniently saving their game through Dropbox.

Currently, Broken Age for iPad consists of Act 1 and when Act 2 is ready, it will be available for in-app purchasing. Just as the iPad version can be your companion for Broken Age on the go, the Official Broken Age Wiki is another companion you can have with you at any time! Learn all about Shay and Vella and their adventures. Find a typo or missing information on the wiki? All wikis at Gamepedia are community driven, meaning folks like you create the content on them. Feel free to lend a hand and have a look at the Help Wiki for tips on getting started!


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