Create a Champs: Battlegrounds Strategy Guide for a Chance to Win a Tier Two Champ!


Quark Games, the minds of Champs: Battlegrounds, are currently giving you an opportunity to win a free tier two Champ! Anyone interested is asked to submit a strategy guide on the wiki. With a new iOS update and the brand new Android version has a week-long feature in the Google Play store, now is the perfect time to check out Champs and then flex your wiki skills by creating a guide!



Champs: Battlegrounds is a real-time squad based strategy combat game where players can create squads of Champs to work through a campaign or battle other players in PvP! This free-to-play game offers an easy, inviting, intuitive gameplay for newcomers, but also in-depth strategy for veterans of Champs.

The Champs: Battlegrounds Wiki has a dedicated box to get you started with creating your strategy guide! Simply enter a name for your guide and let the community know how you claim victory on the battle field! For more information about how to win a tier two Champ, please see the announcement thread in the Champs forums. Guides will even have a chance to be featured on their Twitch stream!


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