ZMR Key Giveaway with Exclusive In-Game Item from Curse & Gamepedia!

In addition to having a ton of keys to give away, we also have a new Zombies Mosters Robots Closed Beta 2 trailer! Log in with your Curse account, head over to the giveaway page and claim your ZMR key! The key, which gives you access to ZMR's CB2, also works as an item code for an exclusive in-game M870-ZK Shotgun that you cannot get anywhere else. While you're waiting to play, check out the Official ZMR Wiki to learn more about what awaits you!

Besides your Curse account, you'll also need an En Masse account, so you can claim all of the sweet goodies you now have keys for. After creating your En Masse account, head over to and go to Account Settings and then click on Enter Code. Now, ZMR should show up under "Your Games" and you can begin downloading! Once you've created your character, go back to your En Masse account page and enter the same code you just used for beta access, but with the word gun added to the end (XXXXXXXXXXgun). Enjoy blasting your enemies with your exclusive shotgun for 30 days!

Did you know that anyone can enter to win a ZMR Closed Beta 2 key? This giveaway is not limited to any region. The only requirements are that you have a Curse account, are logged into it and are 13 years of age. That's it! The same goes for editing the Official Zombies Monsters Robots Wiki -- everyone is welcome to pitch in so the official wiki can stay the number one community resource for everything ZMR. To learn more about wiki editing, check out the Help Wiki and don't forget to go claim your ZMR CB2 key!


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