Black Gold Online Begins Open Beta, Official Wiki at Gamepedia!

Not only do we get to announce that the Official Black Gold Online Wiki is now available at Gamepedia, but our partners at Snail Games are transitioning into Black Gold Online's open beta, starting today! Black Gold Online is an MMORPG set in a steampunk fantasy world where two factions fight to control a precious energy resource known as black gold. It's magic versus machine! To download the open beta client, go to the Black Gold Online website.

Black Gold Online offers 6 captivating races and 12 unique classes, each with their own lore to learn and immerse yourself further into the setting of steam-powered verses the magically enhanced. There are no safe zones in Black Gold Online, which brings a more dynamic aspect of PVP to this MMO that can lead to epic battles of massive scale. Even though the two factions lean more towards one than the other, there are plenty of crossovers that bring fantasy and steampunk together as much as the game pits the two against each other. The effect we're left with is a visually stunning world with fast paced action combat and brawls that can break out at any moment!

While Black Gold Online is a free to play game, there is a special Conqueror’s Edition available for pre-order. Anyone who pre-orders also gets a special Swift Nightmare mount. To learn more about what all Black Gold Online has to offer, check out the official wiki! To contribute to this or other wikis, take a look at the Help Wiki to learn how you can get started.


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