New Wiki Monday: Destiny

This week, we are happy to highlight The Destiny Wiki for New Wiki Monday. Very recently, this wiki has received a massive amount of updates and added content! Developed by Bungie, the same studio behind Halo, Destiny will be available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and their next generation counterparts. This shared-world shooter is being published by Activision.

With both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, players in Destiny are placed in a post-apocalyptic new world just past the collapse of a golden age of peace and prosperity. A game with a rich science fiction backdrop, Destiny players assume the role of Guardian of the City. This is the last city and the last hope for humanity! Investigate and destroy threats before they bring even more havoc upon the remnants of the human race!

Even though The Destiny Wiki is already an amazing resource, more Guardians are always welcome to join in! Anyone interested in assisting the community by keeping the wiki the most up to date with information is encouraged to do so. To get started, please see the help page for tips on contributing and editing!


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