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We're excited to partner with Flat Earth Games for the Official TownCraft Wiki, where you will be able to learn all about the ins and outs of building your town in this surreal city-builder. TownCraft quite literally puts you in the middle of two warring kingdoms, and you will have to collect resources, build shops, and grow your burgeoning city to keep both sides at bay. TownCraft is currently available on iOS devices, as well as on the Apple Mac App Store.

TownCraft takes you back in medieval times, where you find yourself sandwiched in the open wilderness between two rival kingdoms. To the east, the evil Queen Omnibus rules over her subjects with an iron fist (and very sharp sword). To the west, in the kingdom of King Oligarchy, nobody loves the King as much as the King loves the King. Stuck between these two rival kingdoms, you will build a town that will become the cultural and economic bridge between the two kingdoms as travelers, workers, and citizens will come from all around.

Each time you start a new town in TownCraft, you'll be taken to a whole new world. Each game world is procedurally-generated, ensuring that no two experiences are exactly the same. You'll gather resources in the world to craft all sorts of items, from tools to construct larger buildings and shops, to bridges, windmills, and everything in between.

You can learn more about TownCraft by visiting the official wiki. If you're already enjoying TownCraft on your Mac or iOS device, you can help expand the community-driven wiki by becoming a contributor. To help you get started, check out our Help Wiki for information on editing all of your favorite wikis on the Gamepedia network.



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