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StarForge, currently in its alpha build, has recently switched to Gamepedia for their official wiki! The game is available for purchase through Steam in alpha. The StarForge developers at CodeHatch are interested in creating a collaboration between fan and developer, allowing players to have direct input in shaping the game as it moves through development stages.



A mix of the RTS, FPS, tower defense, voxel builder, physics sandbox and RPG genres, StarForge is the game where players do what they want. Set on a planet where humanity has relocated and is struggling to survive, you gather resources, build and do what you can to help in the relocation efforts. StarForge is available for Mac and Windows, and they are looking into a Linux port.

After your day exploring and building is over and you've returned to earth, why not check out The Official StarForge Wiki? All wikis at Gamepedia are build for and by the community – if you find an error or incomplete information, feel free to lend a hand! For information on getting started, please see the help page for tips on editing and contributing content.


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